45 spectacular examples of modern house facades

The façade of the building is considered the calling card of the building - the viewer gets the first impression of it before entering the building. The facade is actually the face of the house - but it should not only look beautiful and attractive, but also have the necessary functionality. As the house façade fulfills two important tasks - it guarantees good weather protection and ensures the necessary thermal insulation of the building. In this article you will find 45 spectacular examples of modern house facades that meet the conditions mentioned above. Use these as a source of inspiration!

Design the facade with paint

House facades design ideas

House facades design with color white and red

Color scheme of the facade four variants

classic color scheme of the facade

House facade, designed in white and light yellow

House facade Blue white accents

House facade in red with white accents

House facade in pastel shades

House facade in red modern facade design

modern house facade

Attractive house facade in white and yellow

When it comes to facade design, perhaps the most common and popular variant is a red roof and white walls. But if you have the desire that the facade of the house expresses your individuality, and you want to escape the classic, make your facade with color! This is actually the simplest and cheapest way to renovate them and to cover up the damage caused by frost, rain and sun. You can opt for soft pastel colors or warm earthy tones - they look beautiful and always stay current. But if you are a bit braver, choose brighter nuances - not only is it particularly modern, it will also give the facade a truly attractive and individual look. The facades of the house, where there is a contrast between the colors of the roof and the walls - for example red roofs and deep green walls - are also very much in vogue.

House facades made of wood

House facade made of wood modern design

modern house facade wood

Cladding made of wood

modern house facades wooden cladding

Wooden facade modern design ideas

Cladding made of wood

House with wooden facade

Wooden facade attractive

Facade wood

House facades creative design ideas Wood paneling

For an attractive house facade, you can also use different materials as cladding - the different surfaces set different accents again and again. Perhaps the wood is the most popular variant for facade cladding. If you are looking for an effective representative solution for your façade and at the same time want to save energy and increase thermal insulation, wood is the right choice for you. Such a facade will give you the opportunity to combine functionality with environmental friendliness and aesthetics. Wooden house facades are beautiful, durable, environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral. As an ecological construction material, the wood creates a feeling of naturalness and at the same time keeps the facade frost-free. Therefore, one can say with certainty that the wooden facade is a long-term investment, which is definitely worthwhile. The choice of this kind of facade cladding is also enormously large - whether oak, fir, pine, spruce, larch or Douglas fir - the different types of wood always create different visual effects. The wood also ensures the optimal living climate and good thermal insulation, so these types of house facades are not only attractive, but also really functional.

House facades of metal

House facades of metal

three house facades of metal cladding

modern metal facade

House facade made of aluminum

House facade modern design metal cladding

Cladding made of aluminum

modern facade unusual design aluminum cladding

Cladding made of steel

Facade aluminum

Facade cladding of metal

Facade cladding metal creative ideas facade design

Facade cladding metal panels

House facade cladding made of aluminum

modern panel house facade metal panels

The house facades made of metal but also enjoy a great popularity today. The metal panels - aluminum, steel or non-ferrous metals - look attractive and original, giving the façade much more individuality. These panels are characterized by their flexibility and lightness, as well as their different, original shapes and the ability to easily adapt to all kinds of facades and constructions. This type facade cladding also offers numerous design options, as the different panels can be combined with each other. A metal cladding makes the facade weatherproof and durable, and also guarantees good fire protection. In this regard, aluminum is becoming more and more popular today. This material is waterproof, lightweight and recyclable. An aluminum facade is also not an expensive affair and ensures perfect thermal protection in summer and winter.

Curtain facades made of glass

Glass facade modern

House facades Ideas and inspirations Glass paneling

House with modern glass facade

attractive house facade made of glass

Glass as facade cladding

modern facade design

glass facade

modern house with glass facade

House facades creative design ideas

House facade made of glass modern design

The glass is used more and more often as a facade cladding, as it can give any Fassage an original look. The modern curtain glass facades are particularly spectacular and remind of the skyscrapers. The glass facades also have other important benefits besides their beautiful looks - they allow natural light, heat and fresh air to penetrate the house without a hitch, and also guarantee a breathtaking view. The glass curtain walls are usually framed with aluminum, which ensures the necessary stability.